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3.5. Tags

Tags are strings that you can apply to one or more entries. Any entry can be tagged, including other tags. Most tag functions are performed on the object itself:

c = qdb.Client('qdb://')
b = c.blob('myBlob')

has_tag = b.has_tag('myTag')
taglist = b.get_tags()

You can also create a Tag instance by creating a Tag object from the cluster. Using the tag object, you can look up entries by their association with the tag or tag it with a meta-tag:

t = c.tag('myTag')

entry_list = t.get_entries()

meta_tag = c.tag('is_tag')
list_of_tags = meta_tag.get_entries()

3.5.1. Names

  • Tags can be named with almost any string, just like an alias.
  • Tags cannot share names with entries. If an entry with name t exists, there cannot be a tag t.
  • Tags must be valid UTF-8 strings.

3.5.2. Transactions

Tag operations are automatically wrapped in transactions.

3.4. Data Types
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3.6. Transactions