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6.12. Revoke

6.12.1. Synopsis

REVOKE <privileges>

  ON { <entries> | <find_expression> }

  FROM <grantees>

find_expression ::=
  FIND ( { <type_expression> | <tag_expression> | NOT <tag_expression> } [ AND ... ] )

6.12.2. Description

GRANT will revoke the specified privileges on the entries listed from the grantees listed.

6.12.3. Parameters


The name of the entries for which the privileges should be revoked. The privileges will be merged with previously specified privileges for the entry. If no previous privileges are specified for that entry, then the default privileges of the user will be merged with the granted privileges.


The name of the entries to modify privileges.


The list of grantees to revoke privileges from.

6.12.4. Examples

In the following examples, Alice and Bob have the SELECT default privileges.

Revoke from user Alice the SELECT privilege on a table:


Since Alice had the SELECT default privilege, now Alice can no longer do SELECT operations on table1.

Revoke fom the user Bob the INSERT privilege on two tables:

REVOKE INSERT ON table1, table2 FROM Bob

Since Bob had the SELECT default privilege, revoking the INSERT privilege on table1 an table2 does not change anything for Bob who could not insert in the first place.

6.11. Grant
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