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5.13. quasardb dashboard

5.13.1. Introduction

The dashboard is a tool that permits you to monitor your cluster in your browser.

You can easily see which nodes are active or not, and the precise statistics for each of those.

It is also possible to run queries directly through the dashboard to have some quick results.

5.13.2. Running

You can access the dashboard at the same address as the qdb_rest instance (qdb_rest needs to be running), but instead of the api call you reach:


Upon opening it will open a dialog to login to the database, it is a required step if your cluster is secured.

In the other case where your cluster is not secured you can access the dashboard with:


Or in the case you have no tls certificate:


As for the qdb_rest it is impossible to access a secured cluster through an unsecured connection.

5.12. quasardb REST API
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