3. Drop table

3.1. Synopsis


{ <entries> | <find_expression> } [, ... ]

find_expression ::=
  FIND ( { <tag_expression> | NOT <tag_expression> } [ AND ... ] )

tag_expression ::=
  TAG = 'tag_name'

3.2. Description

DROP TABLE will drop one or more existing table from your QuasarDB cluster. The statement is executed immediately and does not require confirmation, so use with caution. The statement is transactional.

3.3. Parameters


The name of the entries that will be dropped.


When your tables are tagged, you can use inline key/value lookups to perform your query over multiple tables. To match all tables that have the tag “stocks”, you can use FIND(tag='stocks' AND type=ts).

3.4. Examples

Drop a table:

DROP TABLE example

Drop all table tagged with ‘nyse’:

DROP TABLE FIND(tag='nyse')